AbundaBox removes barriers to care by delivering nutrition and health care resources directly to the homes of Ohio's students. This unique program supports the well-being of students, families and communities. Eligible participants may qualify for custom health packs at no out-of-pocket cost, fully covered by existing government and insurance programs. These health packs are filled with healthy food options, connectivity resources, wellness products, clinical resources, and so much more.

Boxes may contain:

  • Diagnostic point-of-care: flu, strep and other testing resources 
  • Essential vitamins 
  • Diabetic prevention education and early monitoring  
  • A food card preloaded with funds for nutritious food purchases or take-home prepared meals 
  • Connectivity tools and on-demand telehealth resources 
  • Acute medicine and antibiotics 
  • Mental health services 
  • Tutoring, SAT and Vocational prep resources 
  • Drug education and prevention (provided by Victoria’s Voice Foundation) 

Services include:

  • Access to AbundaCheck: a cognitive assessment tool for early detection and ongoing monitoring of mental health changes such as test-taking anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, migraines, athletic concussion care and many other cognitive conditions 
  • Curated HealthPacks filled with essential items and resources
  • 24/7 access to health care professionals
  • Continuous care and support

AbundaBox stands committed to enhancing health care access, combating food insecurity and addressing health inequality through support, education and connectivity. We prioritize members' health needs, ensuring monthly access to critical resources. Guided by integrity, transparency and a commitment to everyday wellness, AbundaBox strives to make health care and nutritious food resources more accessible and affordable for all.

Contact information
Emily Jones • ejones@abundabox.com 
Lewis VanHoose • lewisv@lakeshoreeaglesolutions.com