Federal Court enjoins implementation of FLSA overtime rule

On November 22, a judge in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas granted an emergency motion for a nationwide preliminary injunction barring implementation of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) new overtime rule.  The rule, which was scheduled to take effect on December 1, was expected to make more than four million workers eligible for overtime pay.  The court’s decision can be found under “notable cases” on the court’s website

Ohio Department of Education ESSA resources on students in foster care

Earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) made additional materials on education of students in foster care available on its website.  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires new guidelines and resources to ensure that students in foster care have improved educational outcomes.  The purpose of the guidelines is to remove educational barriers faced by students in foster care, such as traumatization, high mobility, and undiagnosed behavioral and health conditions. 

Legal Assistance Fund case decided

Earlier this year, the OSBA Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) was asked to support the Tolles Career and Technical School Board of Education.  The LAF board of trustees voted to write an amicus brief on behalf of the board and to provide assistance with the cost of the litigation.  On November 21, the 12th Appellate District Court decided in favor of the board of education. 

Truancy, teachers and technology

This week's blog post focuses on three tidbits of educational news involving Ohio’s truancy laws, the new reading tests required for some teaching licenses, and a policy brief on the educational use of technology for young children. 

Senate education committee to focus on truancy

Recent developments on the rights of transgender students

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal from a Virginia school board seeking to prevent a high school student from using the boys' bathroom. In April, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit gave deference to the federal government's position that Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination "on the basis of sex" in public schools, protects the rights of transgender students to use school bathrooms that align with their gender identity.