Every district is concerned about the safety of its students. Board members and district administrators must work with local first responders to ensure safety and security plans are comprehensive and up-to-date. OSBA can help your district assess any security threats and train staff and the community on how they can help create safer schools.

School board safety checklist: Working with the Governor’s School Safety Task Force and the Ohio School Resource Officers Association, OSBA has helped develop a checklist for safer board meetings. This free resource includes tips to help school boards provide a safe and healthy meeting setting that permits positive interactions with school staff, students and visitors.

OSBA offers an online safety compliance program built specifically for schools.

Below are a details about specific seminars designed to help keep your district safe:

Innocent Targets - This honest and direct seminar will bring to light the myriad of threats to students and staff. The session also includes an in-depth examination of a school’s many vulnerabilities.  This session is best suited for a three hour block of time but can be altered to a variety of time frames.

Community school safety awareness seminar - This seminar is geared toward parents, community leaders, community members, and police and fire personnel. It provides an outstanding opportunity to bring together everyone responsible for the safety of the community’s children. This session can serve as a terrific tool to engage the community and parents in creating safe schools.

Developing and training school security personnel - With the emphasis on professional development for school staff, often the training of those responsible for the security of a building is forgotten. Whether districts have their own security officers or sworn law enforcement personnel working in their schools, all need specialized attention for their own professional development. This in-service offering will be customized to the needs of each district.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Service - CPTED provides vital information on the current condition of your facility and realistic options to improve the security of the facility. This internationally accepted process will give you concrete information that can be used for the required emergency response plans. A certified CPTED specialist can assist your district with on-site assessments and/or training your district personnel. Once trained, district personnel can review the safety of a facility, as well as improve safety and security by implementing CPTED principles using existing resources.

For further information, contact OSBA at (614) 540-4000.