The OSBA Diversity and Equity Committee provides a forum for addressing the unique challenges and opportunities facing diverse school board members. Committee members share concerns, ideas and suggestions with each other and OSBA. Composed of board members and association staff, it also supports OSBA’s efforts to promote and build awareness of issues relating to diversity in schools, equity in education and initiatives to enhance diverse students’ academic achievement.

The committee consists of three school board members from each of OSBA’s regions and selected staff as determined by the chief executive officer. The Diversity and Equity Committee shall reflect a diverse representation of OSBA members with consideration being given to district type, district size, race, gender, religion, professional background and board experience. In addition, OSBA’s past-president, president and president-elect serve as ex officio members of the Diversity and Equity Committee during their terms of office.

Equity in Education: Equality versus Equity Webinar sessions:

Hope, Purpose and Resilience in Our Schools: You Belong Here

Beyond Equality, Towards Equity: Guiding the Practice of Instruction to Meet the Needs of Unserved, Underserved and Marginalized Learners

The committee has compiled tool kits to address barriers to learning students face. Access tool kits on: