What is the timeline to apply for the award?
Boards of education may accumulate points during a two-year cycle. The cycle for this award will begin each January immediately following school board elections (every two years). The current cycle began January 2020 and ends October 2021.The application must be returned to OSBA by Oct. 10, 2021 to be honored at the 2021 Capital Conference.

Points earned January 2022 through October 2023 will be counted toward the Ohio Boards of Distinction Award recognized at Capital Conference 2023.

What are the point requirements?
Collectively, a board of education must earn 600 points in an approximately two-year cycle to earn the Ohio Boards of Distinction Award.  While individual board members may earn more than this, each board member must contribute a minimum of 100 points.

How does a board of education or individual school board members earn points?
Points are earned through mandatory and optional activities. Mandatory activities include conducting an annual board self-assessment, creating and maintaining an orientation process for new board members, reviewing and updating the district’s policy manual and attending an OSBA regional event. Optional activities range from implementing a community engagement survey or participating in a customized workshop to attending various OSBA conferences and training. The application form shows the points breakdown. View the full list of eligible mandatory and optional activities.

Who must complete the application form?
One member of your school board, such as your board vice president, should complete and submit the form on the board's behalf. 

Do the points a board member has earned for the STAR award count for the Ohio Boards of Distinction award?
Yes! Board members who have earned the Service and Training awards can receive credit on the Ohio Boards of Distinction application. Also, attending some training, such as the State Legislative Conference, Board Leadership Institute and OSBA Capital Conference, can be counted on the Ohio Boards of Distinction application and for an individual's Training award.

Some training events have been canceled in 2020 and my board hasn't been able to meet as we planned. How can my school board continue to earn this award?
View a sample district scenario showing how a board can meet the point requirements from January 2020 through October 2021.

A member of our board of education had to leave the board. Can the board retain points earned toward the Ohio Board of Distinction award?
Yes. If a board member on your leadership team had earned points toward this award, his or her points may be transferred to the newly appointed board member for purposes of this award only (the appointee may not use them for individual board member STAR awards).