School boards have numerous options when placing levy or other tax options on the ballot, but there are also various regulations that school board members must be aware of. OSBA has resources to help board members be informed while remaining compliant.

OSBA Levy Database - information on school district levies and their results.

Legal resources
OSBA fact sheet: Understanding school levies
RC 3315.07

Levy Success Workshop

Winning campaigns 

Workshop will include: organizing, clear messaging, voter targeting, fundraising, team effort, and direct voter contact

Considering going on the ballot but not sure when?  What planning do you need and when do you start? The Ohio School Boards Association and the Support Our Schools Foundation (SOS) offer Levy Success twice a year for those school districts interested in learning more before starting the process of placing a levy on the ballot. 

Board members, administrators, district staff and community members who want to know more about levies or joining a district’s levy committee are encouraged to participate in this in-depth workshop offering practical tips for running a school levy campaign.  Topics covered include:

  • The board’s role with a levy - discusses the board's unique role in preparing the district and the community for putting a levy on the ballot. 
  • How to conduct a successful levy campaign - covers school board responsibilities and legal requirements, as well as a discussion on effective campaign planning. Learn more about legislation that allows a district to place a special levy on the ballot focused only on school safety and security initiatives.
  • Campaign specifics - includes a planning calendar; volunteer recruitment; campaign organization; polling options; community involvement; effective messaging; fundraising; impact of social media on campaigns; and effective printed material.

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