Can we withhold the grades of students who haven't paid their fees?

Yes. RC 3313.642 (D) allows a school board to charge students for instructional materials and for the loss, damage or destruction of school equipment, musical instruments, library materials, or textbooks. If a student who is required to pay fees refuses to pay any fees or charges he or she is assessed, the student's grades and credits may be withheld by the board until such payment is made.

Can we offer our board members free admission to school-sponsored events, such as sporting events and music concerts?

Boards are generally permitted to adopt a resolution to grant board members free admission to school-sponsored events, but should be cognizant of the relevant ethics laws and the potential for appearances of impropriety. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits public officials, including school board members, from using their office to solicit or accept things of value from those parties they regulate or with whom they do business.

Can we buy a jammer to cut cell phones in certain areas of a school?

So-called "jammers" block the signals of telecommunications devices so that they do not function in certain areas. Given the proliferation of cell phones in schools, many educators would love to have an "off" switch they could flip in classrooms or during testing periods. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) takes the position that the use of jammers violates the Communication Act of 1934. Its Web site states:

Does HIPAA or FERPA apply to student health information?

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Affordability Act of 1996 and its regulations contain a Privacy Rule that requires covered health care providers to keep health information confidential. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) covers students enrolled in elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools that receive federal funding. It requires school districts to keep confidential students' personally identifiable information other than directory information.