New email management training modules

The Ohio Electronic Records Committee (OhioERC) recently pushed out a new online training series for state and local governmental officials and employees. The training provides information and best practices on managing email as a public record and includes four training modules:

Records retention webinar

If you have towering piles of papers, bulging boxes of student files, or teetering stacks of outmoded technology storage, and you’re wondering how to manage it all, check out our records retention webinar:

Sunshine law resources

This week is Sunshine Week, which is a national initiative to educate the public about the importance of open government.

Records retention for schools

Records retention is the process school districts use to manage the records that are created and flow through a school district.

Recent state agency guidance for schools

Two state agencies have recently prepared new resources for school districts: The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) updated its truancy and attendance guidance, and the Ohio History Connection (OHC) added resources for properly managing local government records.

Truancy and discipline resources

To scan or not to scan

The maintenance, destruction and preservation of public records is an important and technical process. Under Ohio law, public records must be kept and maintained so that the public may access those records. Records must be retained for certain periods of time, sometimes permanently, depending upon the type of record.

Ohio lawmakers finalize public records bill

State lawmakers have finalized an expedited process to hear complaints from citizens alleging they were wrongfully denied access to public records. The bill, Senate Bill (SB) 321, received unanimous votes in the Ohio House and Senate and is awaiting signature by the Governor.