2018 Student Achievement Fair

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019 • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Student Achievement Fair is one of the most successful and rewarding exhibitions at the Ohio School Boards Association Capital Conference. 

Do you want to see your district involved in the conference? See details below!

Performing Groups - OSBA will choose one performing group from each of the association's five regions to perform during the Student Achievement Fair. Past performances have included cheerleaders, choirs, bands, orchestras and percussion ensembles. Each group will perform for 20 minutes.

Submit a nomination at http://conference.ohioschoolboards.org/saf-nominations and email an electronic video audition or YouTube link to Gwen Samet, administrative assistant of board and management services at gsamet@ohioschoolboards.org. Only electronic recordings will be accepted. The nomination deadline is Friday, May 24.

District programs - One hundred programs will be selected to showcase exemplary student achievement. District programs will be featured in a 10x10-foot booth, which can accommodate up to five people. Examples of previous presentations include:

  • STEM projects
  • outdoor education
  • career center culinary arts program
  • graphic design demonstrations
  • industrial technology projects
  • world languages exhibits

For more ideas, visit http://links.ohioschoolboards.org/60021 to view the list of 2018 Student Achievement Fair district programs.

Artwork - All accepted program nominations can bring one piece of student artwork from any age or grade from their district to display during the fair. The artwork may be a photo, drawing or painting and special areas within the SAF will be provided to exhibit the artwork.

Have questions?
Please contact Gwen Samet or Teri Morgan at (614) 540-4000 or (800) 589-OSBA.