Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 4/9/2021

Ohio Department of Health Issues 2021 Prom and Graduation Event Guidance

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Department of Health recently issued …

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 4/5/2021

The Ohio Department of Education recently published a new resource outlining Remote Learning Pathway Considerations for 2021-2022. It is hoped that the document will be informative and helpful as districts plan for next school year. Click the link above to review the document.

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Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 3/29/2021

Lawmakers recognize that changes are long overdue for Ohio's current school and district report cards. While work occurs on a report card system to better reflect the important work of schools across the state, House Bill (HB) 200 looks to tackle some of the issues with the current report card structure. We are thankful that HB 200 will make the report more palatable for districts and will…

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Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 3/16/2021

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Ohio Teacher of the Year, Anthony Coy-Gonzalez speak. He was outstanding. His presentation was about our dreams and our quest for better systems for all of our students. Coy-Gonzalez encouraged the audience to look back to the dreams we once had, or still hold - for ourselves and for our students. He said, "The needs of our students are clear. Our dreams and the work of fulfilling them will be the agents of change for the future of…

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 2/25/2021

The school board and superintendent who trust each other to fulfill their respective roles and functions, and work well together in continuous improvement, lead districts that enjoy higher levels of SA. The work of continuous improvement cannot be done by the board or superintendent alone. It is the strength of the board and superintendent alliance that ultimately defines the success of the district. Where this gets tricky is the alliance - what does it really look like? OSBA consultants are often asked that question.

In terms of accountability and monitoring progress, each role (…

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 1/31/2021

Suicide prevention and intervention resources 

From the Ohio Department of Education:

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COSI and WOSU Public Media are…

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Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 1/20/2021

The events at the United States Capitol have created anxiety for many Americans, not the least of which are our children. Our teachers are now tasked with the notion of how to respond to students about the events that occurred.

As with many other complex issues, teachers and students are…

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 1/5/2021

The Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy (Ohio State University) recently posted the following: “Kindergarten enrollment in American schools has plummeted during the pandemic, potentially setting back educational and social development for children at a critical age and impacting public school budgets for years to come. Most states don’t require kindergarten attendance. As a result, the drop in enrollment at that age has been steeper than at other levels — down 14 percent in Arizona, for example, compared to 5 percent across all grades. Parents made similar decisions…

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 12/2/2020

Re:        House to Vote on the Fair School Funding Plan Tomorrow; Encourage your Representative to vote “YES”  

Today, the House Finance Committee unanimously voted to pass Substitute House Bill (Sub. HB) 305 and report it to the Rules and Reference Committee, which placed the bill on tomorrow’s calendar for a full vote of the House of Representatives at its 1:00 session on Thursday…