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Absenteeism data could be a key indicator in determining whether remote instruction is effective and where there are gaps, according to an analysis from Phyllis Jordan, editorial director of FutureEd, and Hedy Chang, executive director of Attendance Works. In this commentary (excerpts follow), they offer several warnings about measuring attendance during this time, urging…

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Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 7/30/2020

An excerpt from a piece I read this week - Deborah Farmer Kris is a writer, teacher, parent educator, and school administrator. She works on parenting projects for PBS KIDS for Parents and writes about education for MindShift,

Children read our emotions for cues about how they should react. If we express our excitement and hopes for their new school year, they will pick up on this. This was my intention yesterday, as my 6-year-old son and I were snuggling and talking about the year ahead. “I am so excited for all the books you are going to read, all the words you are going to…

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According to Peter Voderberg, Chief of Broadband Ohio (an initiative of the Dewine administration), nearly one million Ohioans do not have access to high speed internet.  What follows is a very useful and easy to understand article about the broadband issue / digital divide in America. 

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The racial injustice and subsequent events of the past several weeks have been mind-numbing. Hate makes no sense. The events since the George Floyd murder have forced a space for thinking much more deeply about inequity, racism and what it must feel like to be on the receiving end of unsolicited hatred. Our black and brown children must surely be traumatized. How is it that skin color elicits such emotion and behavior?

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As districts wind down another school year, (and this one was a doozy) it's generally a good exercise to review and reflect before setting direction for next school year.  After the year we just experienced and as boards and district administrators develop recovery plans for reopening schools and setting goals for an uncertain future, this reflection is essential. Leadership teams should take stock of where the district is in terms of its vision, mission and strategic plan goals  and ask this important question - how did the district develop over the past year?  

Think about the…

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Explore mathematics through engaging activities in an untraditional environment during this weeklong math summer program for middle and high school students. Discover the richness and beauty of mathematics and have fun! Build skills and confidence and express your creativity. The program especially encourages female and gender nonconforming students to apply.


High School - July 6 to 10

Middle School - July 20 to 24

Cost: Free!

Learn more or apply:

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On March 12, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton ordered all Ohio’s public, community, and private K-12 school buildings closed to students due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) state of emergency. This document provides guidance to school districts as they make a good faith effort to determine, to the extent practicable, how to issue grades and provide feedback to students in alignment with their local board of education…

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Advocating for an Accurate Count - 2020 U.S. Census

The census rolled out this spring amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  It's important that we keep encouraging our community members to complete the census. Young children are the most undercounted demographic. A recent Supreme Court case eliminated the citizenship question which is hoped to increase the overall response rate. School districts around the country are doing their part to make sure all students are represented. NSBA Release.

The self-response phase of the 2020 Census will…

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Resources are being updated and posted on this site often. Please check back often. Last updated on 6/8/2020.

Note about items marked At Home Learning: Families and educators with limited access to the internet and a printer may visit these links and print activities and materials for At Home Learning packets.

Advanced Placement

  • Macro Learning - resources for AP® students, their parents, and teachers

Art and Music…

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Take a look at the article below from KnowledgeWorks. 

At the district, building, and classroom level, communication is essential to involving and engaging families in their children's education.  
However, while information and communication is essential, it is not sufficient when the desire is to build true family partnerships. 

While many educators are great communicators and skilled at getting parents and families the information that they need, family and community engagement takes it a step further – not just sharing updates from the district or classroom, but…