Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 6/25/2019

In Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education, social-emotional learning is one of four equal learning domains supporting Ohio’s goal of preparing each student in Ohio for postsecondary life. Through a stakeholder-driven process, Ohio teachers, school counselors and education personnel developed …

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 6/10/2019

Beautiful, free posters—along with a few good reasons why you should display them in your classroom.

Compiled by Stephen Merrill and Laura Lee, the following free resources are available:

An updated, growing collection from Women You Should Know (WomenYSK) was drawn by female illustrators and features a racially and ethnically diverse cast of female scientists and…

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 5/14/2019

Across our country's public schools, we are numbly aware of shootings, bullying and youth suicides that highlight the mental health needs of our most vulnerable students. What we miss, at times, is the serious mental health needs of students who perform at the highest standards, are loved by friends and teachers, and seem to have it all together.  The Student Achievement Leadership Team (SALT) were introduced to the needs of these students at a recent SALT meeting.
As we learned, navigating life with mental illness can be difficult, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness…

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Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 4/16/2019

How do you get people to feel connected, how do you get them to care? Let’s begin with our children.  

It was hard for me to view and listen to Windfield’s remarks without thinking about school buildings and school districts. Wildfield says that feeling connected to where you live is a vital ingredient to the recipe in creating sustainable and resilient communities. If you feel connected to where you live, you are more likely to care about it, and want to protect it and want to participate.” Is this true of where you learn?

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