House Bill 33 of the 135th General Assembly included several legislative changes impacting the Ohio Department of Education and State Board of Education. During the first week in October, the Department of Education will be renamed the Department of Education and Workforce and will become a cabinet-level agency reporting to the Governor of Ohio. Further, the legislation created a new agency, the Department of Children and Youth, to provide services more efficiently to children and their families in the areas of prevention, early education and support.
The current powers and duties of the State Board of Education will be divided between the State Board of Education and Department of Education and Workforce. According to the 7/24/2023 release, the members of the State Board of Education and Department staff remain committed to student success and will continue to be available to support students, families, educators, schools and districts.
Detailed information about the transitions and timelines is available here.

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 8/2/2023