OSBA offers a suite of services to assist your district with your education management needs at low prices. Below you will find the current pricing for the association’s services.

Customized Consulting:

            Strategic planning service: $9,000 plus expenses
            Survey Service: $2,000 plus expenses

Management Services:

            Negotiations assistance: $295 (hourly rate)
            Contract analysis: $750 (flat fee)
            Arbitration hearings/ULPs: $295 (hourly rate)
            Administrative salary analysis: Price offered through bid 
            Classified job descriptions (electronic document): $500

Policy Services

            Basic services (electronic version): $3,600 plus expenses
            Basic services (printed version): $4,000
            Standard services: $8,000
            Standard services for JVSD & ESC: $7,000
            Premium services: $10,800
            Premium services for JVSD & ESC: $9,800
            Review services (two to three years since last update): $2,750
            Review services (four to five years since last update): $5,500
            Policy Web Service:
                        Conversion - OPS clients: $4,100
                        Conversion - non-OPS clients: $5,100
                        Hosting/Update/PDQ: $1,550 (Annual cost to continue the service for one year after conversion is complete.)
                        Document conversion: $205

            PDQ (includes quarterly webinars): $425
            Update Service (includes PDQ & quarterly webinars): $675

School Board Services:

            Superintendents search: $7,500 plus expenses
            Treasurer search: $7,000 plus expenses
            Principal search: $3,900 plus expenses


            Virtual Transportation Supervisor annual subscription: $250
            Transportation technical support: $1,170 per day
            Training: $300
            District cost analysis: includes comparative cost analysis): $500        
            Routing study: $3,600
            Operations review: $2,500
            School bus purchase: $1,000
            School bus purchase - consortium menu bid: $2,500
            Transportation handbook (template): $500
            Transportation handbook (customized): $2,500
            Rates for additional work quoted on time: $195
            MTA series (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017): $590
            MTA individual workshops $90 each

Inservices & Custom Workshops

            Less than half-day: $195 an hour with mileage
            Half-day (3 hours): $850 plus expenses
            Full day: $1,600 plus expenses
            ESC Academies: $3,500