The Virtual Transportation Supervisor (VTS) program is a support program for Ohio's public school districts, available on a subscription basis. OSBA's goal in offering this service is to provide districts with a cost-effective collection of services to help with transportation issues, tasks and management needs. Districts that subscribe have access to regional inservice meetings; management training for new supervisors; OSBA's transportation data and calculations, including cost analysis reports, efficiency studies, funding estimators and other calculations based upon state data; access to OSBA's extensive transportation resource library; and support with the T1 and T2 state reporting requirements.

The VTS calendar year cycle is now aligned with the school fiscal year. Enrollments in VTS commence on July 1, and expire on June 30 in the following year.

The following document provides a more complete explanation of the program: Virtual Transportation Supervisor.

Access to the following materials is reserved for districts that have subscribed to the VTS program for the current year.

Advanced reference library

Data and calculators

District transportation task calendar

State budget information

T report support

Forms library

Railroad information: Emergency numbersOhio exempt crossing list