Each of Ohio's public school boards should appoint one member, at the January organizational meeting, to serve as its district's legislative liaison. (Each school district should inform OSBA of the appointment as soon as possible. This appointment should be reflected on the OSBA roster form.) The legislative liaisons are a vital part of OSBA's legislative advocacy program because local board members are uniquely positioned to communicate to their legislators the local impact of the decisions made in the legislature. Each legislative liaison has four main objectives:

  1. To share, at least monthly, information from OSBA about state and federal education-related legislation with their fellow board members;
  2. To encourage their school board colleagues to contact their legislators on important legislative issues;
  3. To establish and maintain relationships with their legislators; and
  4. To join Kids PAC, OSBA's political action committee, and to encourage other board members to join, as well.

Each legislative liaison will receive a copy of The Link publication. It is a monthly publication that will be sent via e-mail unless you request a hard copy be mailed.

Furthermore, each Legislative Liaison will receive Facts in a Flash, OSBA’s weekly legislative update.  Facts in a Flash is distributed via e-mail, when the legislature is in session, and is an excellent resource for staying informed on legislative proposals and hearing schedules.