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Public schools are a critical component of an informed, democratic society and the American way of life. They provide the educational foundation that each and every child needs to go on to college and careers — and succeed in life.

Year after year, public schools across Ohio are among the best in the country, earning national recognition, landing on prestigious awards lists and showcasing models of efficiency and achievement. Too often, unfortunately, Ohio public schools receive attention for their challenges and not their successes. While their challenges are real — including poverty, funding uncertainties and ever-changing mandates — it’s clear public schools are thriving in Ohio and across the nation.

The Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA), in coordination with the National School Boards Association, launched a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of public schools and locally elected boards of education. Access to local schools in communities reflects the will of parents and the fundamental rights of every child for whom public schools are the gateway to a better future. Community ownership of public schools safeguards transparency, accountability, equity and excellence in education for every child.

• OSBA understands what keeps Ohio strong — 21st century public schools that connect K-12 students to career and college readiness.

• OSBA understands that the role of 21st century school boards centers on advancing student achievement in today’s digital society.

• OSBA is working with partners across the state and nation to advocate for public education.

• OSBA is asking people throughout Ohio to Stand Up for Public Schools.

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