The recent shootings in Parkland, Florida have reignited the nation's focus on protecting students and staff in our schools. School boards and their administrators are fully aware of the dangers and have proactively taken steps to prepare for these situations. Safety plans, regular drills, training for school employees and new forms of instant communication have been integrated across the state. 

However, the responsibility for addressing the problem and preventing violent incidents in schools cannot be relegated to school districts alone. OSBA's Board of Trustees recognizes that access to and funding for mental health services, safety measures, and increased training need to be enhanced to ensure that students and staff in this state are safe in their respective schools each and every day.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, the OSBA Board of Trustees adopted a resolution on supporting school safety and reducing violence in schools. You can view a copy of the resolution under the Resources on this page.

To assist districts in keeping all students safe, OSBA has assembled information from around the state and country.