Ohio public schools, recognized nationally for best practices in student achievement, take home awards every year. In fact, U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best High Schools ranked Ohio sixth, moving the state up five spots from its 2016 ranking.

The report evaluates data from more than 22,000 schools and identifies which schools are best at preparing students for college and careers, with gold medals indicating the greatest level of college readiness.

One hundred sixty-two Ohio public high schools won either a gold or silver medals and 222 earned a bronze medal. Another 704 were eligible for award consideration. And of the top 25 state rankings in the report, Ohio had the fourth-highest number of award-eligible high schools — behind California, Texas, and New York. Visit http://links.ohioschoolboards.org/91242 to read the full report.

As part of OSBA’s Stand Up for Public Schools statewide campaign, focused on raising awareness about the excellence and importance of public education, the association features Proud Products of Ohio Public Schools in this special section of the Journal each year.

In this seventh installment, OSBA is proud to feature living examples that prove public schools are doing a fantastic job preparing Ohio students for bright futures.

Proud Products of Ohio Public Schools tells the story of graduates who have achieved great success in their careers — people like world-renowned artist Neal Hamilton; Ohio State University women’s basketball associate head coach and philanthropist Patrick Klein; Modern Teacher chairman emeritus and longtime educator Dr. Michael W. Walls; theoretical astrophysicist and cosmologist Dr. Christine Corbett Moran; and Interact for Health President and CEO O’dell Moreno Owens.

More Proud Products, including research specialist Kayla Gray and former International Joint Commission U.S. Secretary Kathy Prosser Bovard are also profiled at www.standupforOHpublicschools.com/proudproducts.

Additionally, the Stand Up for Public Schools website features a compilation of public school success stories at www.standupforohiopublicschools.com/success-stories. OSBA encourages school districts to visit the web page and submit stories, photos and videos showing all the good things going on in Ohio public schools and how their students are making a difference.

The Proud Products profiled in the Journal and online are just a few examples of Ohio graduates who have been climbed to a high level of success in their respective industries thanks to the path forged by a high-quality public education.