The OSBA Town Halls review relevant and timely topics pertinent to public school leaders. Join us for an overview of what has been going on in public education.

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September 27, 2002 OSBA Town Hall: Recognizing and Addressing Youth SuicideChat

August 25, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: School opening - How board members and the community can support the districtChat

June 28, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: School safety updateChatSchool Board Safety Checklist • Ohio School Safety Center pptOhio School Resource Officer's Association pptCitizenAID ppt

May 24, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: Updates to the administrative and financial responsibilities for student nutrition and OSBA legal and legislative updateChatODE School Meals Transition ppt • Legal Update ppt

April 26, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: Ohio Opioid Education Alliance on the Beat the Stigma campaign and OSBA legal and legislative update • ChatLegal Update on issues for graduation ppt

March 21, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: ODE Update on State Report Card and OSBA legal and legislative update • ODE's March 21 overview presentation ppt and full presentation pptChat

Feb. 22, 2022 OSBA Town Hall: Updates from OSBA's legal, legislative and board and management services teamsChatLegal Update ppt

Town halls held prior to 2022 are posted at Note: Information is current as of the date of the recording.