Join OSBA and nationally recognized speaker Claire Parsons for a webinar on attorney mindfulness, stress management and ethical obligations in high-conflict school law legal practice. Claire will discuss maintaining high ethical standards in addition to maintaining compliance with the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. This is a great opportunity for education attorneys to get professional conduct CLE credit.


Date Title Location
12/7/22 OCSBA Workshop DO NOT USE TBD
12/7/22 OCSBA Mindfulness for School Attorneys Workshop with Claire Parsons (Virtual) Webinar

Wednesday December 7, 2022

10 a.m.
John Price OSBA Staff Attorney

In Today's Workshop we will:

  • Discuss how stress can impact your practice, particularly in high-conflict situations.
  • Learn more about the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct which require attorneys to treat opposing parties and tribunals with respect and restraint even when those parties do not reflect those qualities.
  • Learn how techniques like grounding and deep breathing can help attorneys maintain focus and perform effectively in high-stress situations.
  • Hear from a nationally recognized speaker about how to manage stress in high-conflict environments and earn CLE.

10:05 a.m.
Mindfulness for School Attorneys: Strategies to Help Attorneys Manage Stress, Behave Ethically, and Support Clients Through High-Conflict Processes
Claire Parsons, Esq. Wood & Lamping LLP

This session will discuss strategies for school attorneys to manage stress and maintain high ethical standards when representing educational institutions in contentious processes, from special education dispute resolution to labor negotiations. The speaker will discuss relevant provisions of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and will discuss techniques for self-regulation and conflict management that will enable attorneys to represent clients and engage ethically with opposing parties while maintaining one’s own mental well-being.