House Ways and Means Committee

The committee heard testimony on HB 343. This bill would require a school board or the legislative authority of a county, municipal corporation or township to pass a resolution approving the complaint or count-complaint at a public meeting before filing a property tax complaint or counter-complaint.

The committee also heard testimony on HB 371. This legislation would exempt from property tax the increased value of unimproved land that has been subdivided for residential development until construction begins or the land is sold. OSBA joined nine other local government groups in providing testimony in opposition to the bill. Click here for a copy of that testimony.


House Government Accountability and Oversight

The committee heard testimony on HB 342. This bill would prohibit local tax-related proposals from appearing on an August special election ballot. The committee also accepted a substitute version of the bill. Click here for a synopsis of those changes.


Posted by Jennifer Hogue on 1/11/2018