The Ohio School Boards Association provides FREE business travel AD&D insurance in the amount of $100,000 to school board members as a membership benefit. Coverage applies when board members are performing school board business, on school property or traveling in their capacity as board members. Coverage is automatic; there is no need to complete an enrollment form unless you would like to designate beneficiaries. Without beneficiary designation, proceeds would be distributed to your heirs or estate according to law. Download an enrollment/beneficiary designation form.

In addition, the OSBA Insurance Agency LLC offers personal AD&D coverage to board members and their families at affordable rates. This personal AD&D plan extends board members' existing $100,000 to apply at all times: not only while on school board business, but also at work, during leisure time, etc. Board members choosing to purchase this option are covered 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Board members who purchase personal AD&D for themselves may also purchase personal AD&D coverage for their spouses and children.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding personal AD&D coverage:

Who is eligible?
All board members of OSBA-member school districts and their spouses and children.

How much coverage can I purchase and how much will it cost?

Covered Person Amount Annual Cost
School board member $100,000 $40.00
School board member’s spouse $50,000 $15.00
School board member’s child or children
(one flat fee covers all children up to age 19, or 25 if full-time student)
$10,000 $5.00

What is covered?
Click here for a copy of the Board Member Business Travel AD&D certificate of coverage. Click here for a copy of the Board Member and Dependent Personal AD&D certificate of coverage. Please review the entire certificate, as it contains detailed provisions of coverage including age reduction factors, exclusions and additional benefits. Benefits are briefly summarized below. The benefit amount payable depends on the type of loss.

Loss (including loss of use) which occurs
within 365 days of accident

% of your amount of insurance
Life 100
Sight of both eyes 100
Speech and hearing in both ears 100
Both hands or both feet 100
One hand and one foot 100
One hand or one foot and sight of one eye 100
Quadriplegia 100
One arm or one leg 75
Paraplegia 75
Sight of one eye 50
Speech 50
Hearing in both ears 50
One hand or one foot 50
Hemiplegia 50
Thumb and index finger of the same hand 25
Four fingers of the same hand 25
Hearing in one ear 25
All toes on one foot 25
Big toe 13
Coma 1% per month for 100 months

When will coverage begin?
The coverage period runs annually from March 1 through the end of February.

How long will coverage last?
Coverage continues as long as your premium is paid in full, you are a school board member and your district is a member of OSBA. If you are no longer a board member or your district cancels its membership in OSBA, coverage will terminate and no refund will be issued for the remainder of your premium.

Are their age limitations on coverage?
Yes.  When you reach age 70 and beyond, the amount of your insurance is limited to the following:
Age 70:  65% of principal amount
Age 75:  45% of principal amount
Age 80:  30% of principal amount
Age 85 and above:  15% of principal amount

How can I enroll?
The same enrollment form is used for both business and personal AD&D. Click here for a pdf copy. Mail the form, along with a check payable to the OSBA Insurance Agency LLC for the amount shown on the form, to: OSBA Insurance Agency LLC, 8050 N. High Street, Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43235-6481.

How do I file my beneficiary selection?
The enrollment form also serves as your beneficiary designation form.

How can I get more information?
Please contact Allison Morris, chief financial officer, at (800) 589-OSBA or (614) 540-4000, or by email at

Plan benefits are provided by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102