Don’t forget the Legal Assistance Fund!

OSBA offers school districts and ESCs in Ohio a wide range of services, access to up-to-date information and research on school issues, and the opportunity to participate actively in the development of educational policy at the state and federal levels. But board members may not be aware of one of the most valuable resources available through OSBA:  the Legal Assistance Fund (LAF).

LAF assists district in Renewal Levy case

OSBA’s legal assistance fund (LAF) supports school districts that are defending legal challenges with the potential to affect public schools statewide. Earlier this month, the LAF board of trustees voted to approve an amicus brief in support of the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) in the case Delaware Joint Vocational School District v. Testa.

Legal Assistance Fund case decided

Earlier this year, the OSBA Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) was asked to support the Tolles Career and Technical School Board of Education.  The LAF board of trustees voted to write an amicus brief on behalf of the board and to provide assistance with the cost of the litigation.  On November 21, the 12th Appellate District Court decided in favor of the board of education. 

OSBA’s legal assistance fund turns 40

The OSBA legal assistance fund (LAF) was established in 1976.  The fund supports school districts that are defending legal challenges with the potential to affect public schools statewide. Support may come in the form of legal research, amicus curiae briefs, financial assistance and any other assistance as may be approved by the trustees. LAF is managed by a three-member board of trustees made up of OSBA’s president, president-elect and executive director.

Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments in LAF case

This morning, the Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments in School Choice Ohio Inc. v. Cincinnati Public School District and Springfield City School District. School Choice Ohio (SCO) filed the lawsuit after the Springfield City School District denied SCO’s request for student names and addresses.

2015 OSBA legal assistance fund recap

Since 1977, OSBA’s Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) has provided supportive assistance to boards of education in cases or controversies of statewide significance. Qualifying districts may request and receive:

Unmarried parents and LAF update

Unmarried parents and enrollment issues

Under Ohio Revised Code Section (RC) 3109.042, an unmarried woman that gives birth to a child is the sole legal custodian and residential parent of that child unless and until a court issues an order that designates another individual, including the father, as the legal custodian and residential parent. This is true even if the unmarried father’s name appears on the birth certificate.