BASA, OEA, OSBA, OASBO, OFT, and OAESA,  invite a team from your school district and community to an Introduction to Community Learning Centers, a 90 minute, virtual presentation.   

Community Learning Centers such as Cincinnati’s nationally-recognized Oyler School transform schools into community hubs, providing students and families access to health, safety, and social services, as well as enrichment and cultural opportunities. Driven by a commitment to academic achievement, equity, community engagement and partnerships, CLCs have improved a range of student outcomes and are a highly cost-effective investment.

Learn directly from Cincinnati’s CLCs, and join Ohio educators, practitioners and experts to learn about the “DNA” of the growing Community Learning Center model. We’ll cover CLC planning and engagement, as well as implementation and financing (including upcoming federal grant opportunities). We’ll also provide information on how your district can apply to be a part of Ohio’s first Community Learning Center cohort in 2022. The presentation will be followed by a site visit to Cincinnati CLCs (in-person or virtual, pending covid conditions), date TBA. Click the links below to register for a session:  

Introduction to Community Learning Centers (Virtual)

Presentation 1: 1:00pm - 2:30pm | January  25th

Presentation 2: 10:00am - 11:30am | January 27th 

The Community Learning Center model is rooted in collaborative leadership and authentic community engagement. A strong CLC exploration team includes: superintendent, treasurer, board member(s), union president, building principal(s), community leaders, parent and family advocates, government leaders, and more. Without diverse perspectives and authentic engagement, CLC implementation will be ineffective. We suggest attending as a group, debriefing, and exploring how the CLC model relates to the aspirations and challenges of your community  

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 1/6/2022