Release of English Language Arts I and II Sample Tests

Full-length sample tests for Ohio’s State Tests for English Language Arts I and II now are available in the Student Practice Site of Ohio’s State Test portal. The tests are comprised of released test items. Each sample test is reflective of the length of the operational test, meets blueprint expectations and is of similar difficulty. These sample tests give educators insight into the kinds of questions students experience, and they are a useful tool to inform classroom instruction. Both teachers and parents may use this resource to help students know what to expect on the state tests. 

Included with each item on the sample tests are the associated learning standard(s) and scoring guides. Examples of student responses also are available to illustrate actual work and the corresponding points earned on the student examples.

The sample tests can be used as a classroom tool to give students experience working within the testing environment and exposure to the question types they will encounter. The released tests, like other released items currently in Ohio’s State Test portal, are not machine scorable until July. Answers to the individual items are in the Scoring Guide provided for each test. Teachers can encourage students to peer review essays using the writing rubric to guide the review. Sample responses provided in the scoring guide also can be used in whole-class instruction to show differences between responses at various score points.  

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 1/22/2020