September is Attendance Awareness Month. 

Attendance Awareness Month is a nationwide recognition of the connection between regular school attendance and academic achievement. This month highlights the importance of mobilizing schools, families and community partners to promote regular attendance by developing tiered strategies and personalized interventions to reduce chronic absence. A student who misses as few as two days of school a month is considered chronically absent. Ohio’s chronic absenteeism rate for the 2018-2019 school year was 16.7% — or approximately 260,000 students. Data show that chronically absent students in Ohio are 89% less likely to graduate on time from high school and 65% less likely to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Celebrate with the Stay in the Game! Network by participating in planned events and activities every week. Each week highlights different activities that schools and districts can participate in to show support and encourage regular attendance. 

The Stay in the Game! Network is excited to celebrate attendance with Ohio’s schools, districts, communities and families. Check out the spirit week flyer for each week’s activity and be on the lookout for more information during the month of September!

For more information and exclusive attendance resources, visit the Stay in the Game! Network website.

Posted by Kim Miller-Smith on 8/23/2021