Promoting public schools

OSBA has resources to help you promote the value of public education and your district. Below are materials you can use to craft your messages.

Ohio Public Schools Speak: Use this video to promote the great things happening in Ohio public schools. The seven-and-one-half minute video features school board members, principals, teachers, superintendents and students plus a coach, a treasurer, a food service supervisor and a bus driver. Each tells a story of the value of public education. OSBA created materials to help you tell about your schools' success, including a tip sheet, a speech to use after showing the video or a speech to use in place of the video.

Public Education Reform tool kit (September 2010): Two late September 2010 events — the release of the documentary "Waiting for Superman" and NBC Universal's "Education Nation" summit have the potential to tarnish public schools and school boards. OSBA has provided background on the events, key messages and supporting data, and sample news articles, letters to parents and other resources for you to adapt for your district.