OSBA strategic plan

In 2008, OSBA’s Board of Trustees adopted an innovative strategic plan and planning process that mapped OSBA’s mission, vision and goals through the year 2012. President Sharon E. Manson appointed a new Visionary Initiatives for Strategic Action (VISA) team to revisit the plan. The VISA team was composed of 10 school board members and 10 staff members from diverse backgrounds. All five regions of OSBA were represented, along with small, large, rural, urban and suburban districts, as well as veteran and newly elected board members. Input from all OSBA members was sought through electronic surveys and needs assessments.

The result is a new set of 36 goals that reaches five years into the future. A detailed monitoring process will keep the plan relevant and moving forward. This process calls for:
• regular staff reviews of the strategic plan;
• annual, formal updates of the plan that indicate what goals have been completed, dropped or added;
• reviews of the mission statement, vision statement and vision priorities to ensure they remain relevant;
• orienting new OSBA trustees and staff to the plan, its history and importance;
• keeping constituents up-to-date on progress and changes through newsletters, emails, the OSBA website, meetings and conferences;
• soliciting constituent input on the plan;
• making the plan available on the website;
• providing a strategic plan update at every Board of Trustees meeting.

OSBA’s overarching goal in creating the strategic plan was to set in motion a proactive, far-sighted process to support its mission of providing the best service possible for Ohio’s public school boards.

With the ongoing commitment and dedication of the entire OSBA family — board members and staff alike — the strategic plan continues to forge ahead and support us as we face the formidable challenges of public education leadership in the 21st century. 

To download the VISA plan, click here.