For New Board Members

Welcome new board members!
Congratulations on being elected to your local school board. There is no greater contribution than serving as a member of the leadership team that provides educational opportunities for the children in your community!

We're here to help!
The Ohio School Boards Association began in 1955 after four regional associations banded together to coordinate activities. Today, OSBA is composed of 710 school boards. Their 3,424 elected board members represent Ohio’s local, city, exempted village, career center and educational service center districts. The management teams of member boards also have access to all OSBA services. Download the 2016 OSBA membership guide to learn more about the association.

Specific board member training from OSBA is one of the best ways to start off your term as a board member. If you missed the New Board Members Academies that were held in January, sign up for the New Board Member Workshop on July 16.

To provide a greater depth of information to assist you in leading your district, OSBA has created a brand new program for 2016, exclusively for you. Two options to select from - New Board Member Series and New Board Member Series Plus feature an array of professional development events designed to help you learn, network and grow. 

Below is information to help you in your new role. Visit the Events page to learn about the training opportunities available through OSBA. If you require a login to view a Web page, please contact OSBA at (614) 540-4000 or (800) 589-OSBA to request one.

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