School finance

Ohio’s school funding system is based on a theory of “shared responsibility,” where both the state and local community must bear a proportional responsibility for making certain every student has the opportunity to receive an adequate education. Over the years, however, the unique fiscal and social characteristics of individual districts have combined with political realities to create a system that produces wide variations in spending, facilities, materials and programs. The OSBA Legislative Division, along with Dr. Howard Fleeter has written a book entitled, "Making Sense Out of School Finance." Click here to access and order the book.

Many districts rely on levies to make up the difference between what the state provides and what the district needs. OSBA has many resources for districts attempting to pass a levy.

OSBA has compiled a levy results database that shows which school tax issues have been most successful.

A glossary of terms can clarify the technical terms used to describe the various levies.

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