OSBA Endorsed Programs

OSBA’s endorsed programs provide districts with services they need for effective school management. Endorsed programs at a glance:


Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for School Board Members - OSBA provides free business travel AD&D coverage in the amount of $100,000 to school board members. Board members also may purchase 24/7 personal AD&D for themselves and their dependents at low group rates.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for School District Administrative Personnel - OSBA offers low-cost business travel and personal AD&D to all school district administrative employees. Employees who purchase business travel and personal AD&D for themselves are eligible to purchase coverage for their dependents at low group rates.

Bond program – surety and fidelity liability coverage for districts, including treasurer and superintendent position bonds.

BuyBoard - program offers competitive bidding process that allows districts to get volume discounts via Web-based shopping. 

District financial forecasting - provides information, resources and training on vital school district financial issues.

Electricity purchasing – offering your school district the best deals on electricity with long-term price reductions.

Electronic governance – a means of immediately publishing and revising agendas, policies and procedures via the Internet.

Fleet, liability, property/casualty and violence coverage – fleet, liability and property/casualty coverage, plus a unique plan that covers violence incidents.

Managed Care Organization (MCO) – medically manage workers’ compensation claims; access to 24/7 claim reporting; access to vocational rehabilitation counselors and local MCO specialists.

NSBA National Connections Program – districts receive the tools and information they need to champion student achievement in their local communities from a federal perspective.

Online payment program - secure online payment program that simplifies payment, collection and balancing of school funds. 

Online safety compliance program – a comprehensive, Web-based compliance program built specifically for public schools.

P-Card Program - no annual fee credit card that streamlines the traditional purchase order and payment process and gives back to your district.

Risk Management – workers’ compensation group-rating, group retrospective rating and risk management programs.

School Safety and Security Software - offers schools a Web-based emergency preparedness system that works in conjunction with emergency and law enforcement personnel in a crisis situation.

Unemployment compensation – claim processing and representation for districts.

To learn more about OSBA's endorsed programs, please contact Wanda Bloch at wbloch@ohioschoolboards.org or call (614) 540-4000.