P-Card Program

An OSBA-endorsed program, the procurement card, EasyProcure (P-Card), is a no-fee bank Visa® purchasing card with rebates, offered through PNC Financial Services.

P-Cards enable your district to benefit from the combined spending of all participants in the program.

Beginning with your first dollar of spend volume, your school district is eligible to receive a portion of the revenue generated by the total amount spent by all Ohio districts in the program. So that means the more districts that participate, the greater the rebates. EasyProcure FAQ's. View the following video for a more detailed explanation on the benefits of using the P-Card.


In 2016, Ohio school districts in the program spent over $25 million and over $110,000 was rebated. Currently, the program has 60 Ohio school districts participating.

The EasyProcure program provides a variety of benefits including:

•  Extended budget dollars with rebates, based on dollars spent;
•  Special customizable features to complete your school district's existing purchasing processes;
•  Increased productivity with web-based reporting tools.

For more information about the EasyProcure program or to sign up, please contact Patricia Jackson of PNC at (614) 463-8065 or patricia.jackson@pnc.com