OSBA Black Caucus

OSBA Black Caucus program offering college stipends

OSBA is accepting applications for the 2015 OSBA Black Caucus Leo Lucas Scholarship, a program that provides graduating African-American high-school seniors funds for college. The program is named for the late Leo Lucas, a Dayton City school board member and educator who founded the caucus. Applications are available by clicking here. The application deadline is March 16, 2015. For further information, contact Van Keating or Damon Asbury at (614) 540-4000 or vkeating@ohioschoolboards.org or dasbury@ohioschoolboards.org.

The OSBA Black Caucus' mission is to promote and provide education to its members and/or interested parties on unique challenges and opportunities faced by African-American board members through out the state of Ohio. The caucus strives to:
• Provide a statewide forum on the practical issues facing black school board members;
• Promote, support and build public awareness of issues relating to racial diversity in schools and equity in education;
• Support initiatives to enhance academic achievement of African-American students.