OSBA Sponsorships

Gain a competitive edge on your competition

Develop brand recognition and maximize your your visibility by taking advantage of OSBA's sponsorship opportunities. Position your company as a trusted resource.

5 Reasons to be an OSBA sponsor

  1. Targeted Marketing
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Build Business Relationships
  4. Create a Positive Image
  5. Return on Investment

Sponsorship opportunities

OSBA Capital Conference & Trade Show (November)

  • One of the largest education-based conferences and trade shows in the nation
  • Network with over 9,200 attendees under one roof
  • Affordable sponsorship options
  • Puts your business in the spotlight (OSBA publications and Websites, on-site signage and more)

"MT Business Technologies has been a proud sponsor of the Capital Conference for more than 5 years. This partnership has introduced our products and services to school administrators throughout the state and opened up opportunities in several new markets. The future with OSBA is bright and MTBT is looking forward to being part of it.” - Kaitlyn McFarland, corporate recruiter, MT Business Technologies Inc.

Black Caucus Dinner Sponsorship (Sunday, Nov. 10)

  • Sponsorship recognition on all marketing materials
  • Onsite signage recognizing sponsorship
  • Two passes to attend dinner and network with attendees
  • $4,000 for sponsorship

NSBA National Conference Event (2020 Details coming soon!)

  • Networking opportunities with Ohio and other state and national public school education representatives
  • Offers publicity of sponsorship in OSBA publications and Website,
    on-site signage and more
  • Attend one of the Ohio receptions
  • VendorLink listing for one year

OSBA Board Leadership Institute (April)

  • Reception or Luncheon sponsorships available
  • New clients, New customers, New Business
  • Increased visibility (OSBA publications and Websites, on-site signage and more)


    For more information on these great opportunities, contact Wanda Bloch at (614) 540-4000.