Resource Center

Blogs: OSBA staff contribute to blogs that provide up-to-date information to help members in their roles, including Achievement Matters, which covers timely student achievement topics; Facts in a Flash: OSBA’s weekly legislative update; and Legal Ledger, where you can review the latest legal topics affecting school districts.

Databases: access the OSBA levy, student achievement program or other databases

Disaster tool kit for schools: use these resources to ensure your district is prepared in the case of a disaster

The Family and Medical Leave Act: A practical guide: This practical guide will help answer FMLA questions, determine whether the FMLA applies, properly notify employees of their rights and responsibilities under the FMLA, ensure that an employee's FMLA leave is properly captured, and provide guidance to ensure an employee is properly reinstated. It provides practical examples and explanations, helpful charts and diagrams, and useful Internet links.

Hosting a candidates' night: Learn about candidates' views and positions on education by hosting a candidates' night. This step-by-step guide includes timelines, logistics and sample questions, invitation and press release. 

Important links: Connect with other school districts, associations and OSBA staff

Infographics: view infographics that tell the story of Ohio schools

Issues in the schoolhouse: Resources the cover issues students deal with daily 

Legal resources by topic 

OSBA fact sheets, fast facts, white papers and brochures: delve into the current topics in education

OSBA VendorBook: use this directory to find the best products and services for your schools

Overcoming barriers tool kits: The resources on these pages are intended to assist districts in helping students deal with numerous issues outside of the classroom that affect their academic performance, including chronic absenteeism, equity in education, mental health and poverty.

Promoting student achievement tool kit: resources to help you promote student accomplishments to your district

School board safety checklist: This best practices checklist offers tips to help school boards provide a safe and healthy meeting setting that permits positive interactions with school staff, students and visitors. 

School safety resources: Resources and agencies that can assist as you build your safety plans and evaluate the various ways you are working to keep your students safe

Success: this e-newletter offers tips to improve student achievement

Working with the news media: helpful tips for when the news media calls