OSBA Media Honor Roll

2021 OSBA Media Honor Roll

To promote the fact that Ohio public schools are excellent places to educate the state’s children, the Ohio School Boards Association launched its Media Honor Roll program in 2002. Now it’s time to select honorees for the 2021 OSBA Media Honor Roll. The submission deadline is Sept. 6.

Reporters have the power to shape and influence community attitudes about public schools, and the OSBA Media Honor Roll provides an excellent way to recognize fair and balanced education reporting. As advocates for our students, we should not oppose reporters who fairly cover our schools’ shortcomings. We also should work closely with local media to prevent unfair “school-bashing.”

The OSBA Media Honor Roll recognizes media representatives in print, radio and television. Winners are chosen because they:

• work to get to know the superintendent, board president and district communication director as well as the district’s mission and goals;

• report school news in a fair, accurate and balanced manner;

• give a high profile to positive news about schools;

• visit schools;

• maintain a policy of “no surprises,” by always giving school officials the opportunity to comment on information to be aired or published.

If there are reporters or media outlets covering your district deserving such recognition, please consider naming them to the OSBA Media Honor Roll. This is a selection process, not a nomination. Whomever you choose will be honored. The deadline is Sept. 6.

You may select as many media representatives or outlets that you feel deserve this recognition. OSBA will send personalized certificates in October that can be presented to your journalists at a future board meeting.

You can make your selections online. There also are links there for a sample board resolution, sample news release and mail-in/fax/email selection form.

OSBA appreciates your participation in this event, which will help you create and maintain positive working relationships with your local media and help ensure fair, balanced reporting. A list of winners will appear in an upcoming OSBA Journal magazine and on the association’s website.

Please contact Senior Editorial Manager Gary Motz to confirm that your selections have been received or if you have any questions about the program. He can be reached at (614) 540-4000, (800) 589-OSBA or gmotz@ohioschoolboards.org.