Call for Committee Applications

School board members benefit greatly when they volunteer to serve on an OSBA committee. It is a great way to get to know your fellow board members, network and collaborate while supporting your association.  

Committees work best when OSBA's diverse members provide their unique perspective. Any school board member interested in serving on a committee is encouraged to submit an application for various elected offices and appointed committees within the association.

This is your opportunity to increase your interaction with board members from other school districts and represent your fellow board members and school district at region and state events and meetings.

How to apply

The application period for region executive committees and regional officers opens in May and is due June 30 . Applications can be emailed to Melanie Price or mail her attention at Ohio School Boards Association, 8050 N. High St., Ste. 100, Columbus, Ohio 43235.

If you serve on a 2022 committee and would like to continue serving in 2021, you must submit an application. Current executive committee members also should complete this form if they are interested in serving on any committees or if their term on the region executive committee expires in 2021 and they want to run again.  

If there are any questions regarding regional offices, committee appointments or this procedure, please contact your regional manager

Committee application timeline

May Application period opens; committee information and application form sent to school board members
June 30 Deadline for completed application forms due to Melanie Price at OSBA
July through August Regional Nomination Committees meet to make committee selections
September through October Committee representation finalized at regional fall conferences
December OSBA President makes committee appointments to several statewide committees
Jan. 1 Committee terms begin

Committee positions available

Below is a list of the governance and advisory committees you can volunteer for. Click the link to view a description of the committee and the time commitment for each. 

Governance committees committee term meetings per year Elected or appointed
OSBA Board of Trustees one-year or two-year commitment three  elected per region bylaws
Credentials Committee one-year commitment one appointed by region
Legislative Platform Committee one-year commitment one appointed by region
Region president-elect three-year commitment at least three elected per region bylaws
Regional executive committee two-year commitment at least three elected per region bylaws
Rules Committee one-year commitment once appointed by region
Advisory committees committee term meetings per year Elected or appointed
Arrangements and Hospitality Committee one-year commitment three  appointed by region
Black Caucus two-year commitment four appointed by OSBA president in Dec.
OSBA Ambassadors for Public Education Committee two-year commitment two appointed by OSBA president in Dec.
OSBA Board Member Cabinet three-year commitment up to four appointed by OSBA president in Dec.
Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) School Board Liaison Committee two-year commitment  up to four one position selected by region and one selected by OSBA president in Dec.
Student Achievement Liaison Team four-year commitment three appointed by OSBA president in Dec.

Committee descriptions

Governance committees

The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees
The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees serves as the association’s governing body between Board of Trustees meetings. The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees throughout the year, determines the number of trustees each regional association can elect or appoint, serves as a voting member of the OSBA Legislative Platform Committee, elects members to the OSBA Audit and Investment committees, and appoints delegates and alternates to represent OSBA in the National School Boards Association Delegate Assembly. The Executive Committee is made up of OSBA’s president, president-elect, immediate past president and a member appointed by and from each of the regional executive committees to serve for one year. 

The OSBA Board of Trustees has general charge of the affairs, funds and property of the association. It has full power to carry out the purposes of the association according to the OSBA Constitution. The board adopts the annual budget and authorizes the disbursement of funds as needed, determines the boundaries of the five regional associations and employs the chief executive officer. The board meets three times a year. 

Trustees include the president, president-elect and immediate past president of the association; the presidents, presidents-elect and immediate past presidents of the five regional associations; and one representative from each of the six Ohio districts with the largest student enrollment, together with no less than six (6) nor more than eight (8) other persons. Each region is entitled to a minimum of four (4) seats on the Board of Trustees, inclusive of the region officers and one at-large appointment and exclusive of the six (6) districts with the largest pupil enrollment. OSBA’s chief executive officer and regional managers serve on the board in an ex officio capacity. 

Regional Executive Committees
The regional executive committees determine each region’s policies and plan activities and programs in keeping with the association’s mission. The regional executive committees hold at least three regular meetings each year. Each region has bylaws dictating how members are elected or appointed to the committee.

Regional president-elect
Each region has bylaws that outline how officers are selected. Regional officer include a president, president-elect and immediate past president. All officers serve on the regional executive committee and participate in the region's meetings and events.

Credentials Committee - The role of this committee is to review the delegate credentials and give a quorum report to the Delegate Assembly. The committee meets during the Capital Conference and consists of one board member appointed by each of the five regions.

Legislative Platform Committee - This committee collects, reviews and submits recommended legislative platform amendments for consideration by the OSBA Delegate Assembly. It ensures OSBA’s Legislative Platform reflects the association’s position on a variety of issues facing public education. The committee is chaired by OSBA’s president-elect. The committee membership consists of 33 school board members, five appointed by each regional executive committee from its membership and the eight members of the OSBA Executive Committee. In appointing representatives to the Legislative Platform Committee, regional executive committees shall give careful consideration to balance and diversity in the types of school districts represented. Members of the OSBA Executive Committee serve in an ex-officio capacity. The committee meets in August.

Rules Committee - The purpose of this committee is to review the proposed rules for OSBA’s Annual Meeting. It recommends appropriate changes, if any, to the OSBA Delegate Assembly for adoption prior to its annual meeting. The committee consists of one school board member appointed by each of OSBA’s five regional executive committees and meets once before August via conference call and once during the OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show. 

Advisory/service groups

Arrangements and Hospitality Team - The members of this committee assist regional managers at the OSBA Capital Conference and regional events and serve as regional liaisons at the OSBA Capital Conference’s Region Resource Center. The committee consists of a minimum of five board members from each region appointed by their respective executive committees.

Black Caucus - The OSBA Black Caucus provides statewide forum on the practical issues facing black, ethnically and culturally diverse school board members; supports OSBA's efforts in promoting and building public awareness of issues relating to racial diversity in schools, enhancing the academic achievement of black, ethnically and culturally diverse students, and equity in education; and provide professional development, engagement and advocacy relating to the mission. The Black Caucus consists of 15 board members, who are recommended by the OSBA chief executive officer and appointed by the OSBA president, in consultation with the Black Caucus chair. The membership of the Black Caucus may be increased from 15 to 16 when the immediate past chair’s term of office as a member of the Black Caucus expires prior to the expiration of his term as immediate past chair. The Black Caucus shall have four officers – chair, chair-elect, immediate past chair, and secretary – each of whom shall hold office for one calendar year. The chair-elect and secretary shall be elected from the membership of the committee at the annual Black Caucus business meeting. The Black Caucus shall meet quarterly, and members serve two-year staggered terms.

OSBA Ambassadors for Public Education Committee - The role of the OSBA Ambassadors for Public Education is to build greater public confidence in Ohio’s public schools and better educate our communities about public education. The program is established as a community outreach program assisting local school board members in increasing public awareness and having an understanding of issues facing our communities, state and country. Ambassadors will receive training to present the OSBA Support for Public Education presentation at five public meetings and submit documentation of such to the OSBA membership engagement consultant prior to Oct. 1 of each year. The OSBA Ambassadors of Public Education Committee consists of up to 12 school board members per region, recommended by each of OSBA’s five regional managers and the OSBA membership engagement consultant and approved by the chief executive officer and OSBA president. This committee meets once prior to August via conference call/webinar and once during the Capital Conference.

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) School Board Liaison Committee - This committee shares the perspective of local school board members and makes recommendations on athletic issues and concerns on athletic issues to the OHSAA commissioner. The committee consists of the OSBA officers; one board member appointed by each of the five regions; and one board member from each of the five regions appointed by the OSBA president in consultation with the chief executive officer and regional managers. The committee may meet up to four times a year. Appointments will serve two-year terms.

OSBA Board Member Cabinet - The OSBA Board Member Cabinet shares the perspective of local school boards and the association with Ohio’s superintendent of public instruction, governor’s office and other policymaking bodies. During the course of a year, the Board Member Cabinet members will meet with state leaders to discuss policy issues and how they affect boards of education and public schools. The cabinet consists of the OSBA officers and fifteen (15) other members, three appointed from each region. The cabinet may meet up to four times a year.

Student Achievement Leadership Team (SALT) - The focus of this team is to assist school boards in improving student achievement. SALT works to have OSBA and its member school boards place emphasis on actions and programs that will enhance student achievement. The team consists of the OSBA president, president-elect and immediate past president, along with three school board members from each region recommended by the OSBA executive director and appointed by the OSBA president. Two members from each region serve staggered four-year terms. One member from each region may serve an unlimited term as long as he or she meets participation requirements. The team is chaired by the OSBA president. Meetings are held three times a year. Vacancies occur on a calendar year.