VendorLink Attorneys

If you are looking for attorneys to provide your district with services, here is a list of websites to browse:


Firestone, Brehm, Wolf & Whitney LLP -

  • Vic Whitney, Delaware

Law offices of John A. Podgurski -

  • John A. Podgurski, Kirtland

Pepple & Waggoner Ltd. -

  • William C. Pepple, Cleveland
  • Donna M. Andrew, Cleveland
  • Mark J. Jackson, Cleveland
  • Kevin J. Locke, Cleveland
  • Cheryl T. Maimona, Cleveland
  • Christian M. Williams, Cleveland
  • Daniel L. Lautar, Cleveland
  • Jacqueline Walsh Brickman, Cleveland
  • Milko Cecez, Cleveland
  • Taryn A. Weiss Derin, Cleveland
  • Samantha A, Vajskop, Cleveland
  • Brian DeSantis, Cleveland

Subashi & Wildermuth LPA -

  • Tabitha Justice, Dayton
  • Nicholas E. Subashi, Dayton
  • Brian L. Wildermuth, Dayton