Grassroots initiatives

Why do we need grassroots advocacy?

School board members need to get involved in supporting local grassroots advocacy. Legislators are often called upon to make important decisions in the education arena. With the advent of term limits, legislators with institutional knowledge are gone and have made way for a majority of members that will be relying more on what they hear from constituents.

Grassroots advocacy is a proven method of success and does make a difference at the statehouse. Your opportunity to effect legislation and influence the outcome of the education debates has never been greater, but only if you're willing to make contact and get your voice heard.

A concerted grassroots effort that speaks with one voice is an effective way to build relationships with local legislators. There is no public group close in the grassroots of the community and school children than our elected boards of education.

OSBA's publication, "Effective advocacy for school leaders," includes nine steps to help school board members and administrators become strong advocates for their school districts.

To organize a grassroots advocacy program in your area, contact the OSBA Legislative Division.