OSBA staff resources

To reach OSBA staff members, call (614) 540-4000 or (800) 589-OSBA. Individual staff member’s phone extensions are listed following each name. You can click on a name to send an email to that staff member. 

Board leadership and training:  Cheryl W. Ryan (289), Teri Morgan (276), Steve Horton (274) 

Board/superintendent/treasurer relations or executive searches:  Cheryl W. Ryan (289), Teri Morgan (276), Steve Horton (274)

Labor relations issues: Van D. Keating (241)

Legal information/parliamentary procedure:  Sara C. Clark (222)

Levies: Van D. Keating (241)

Ohio Education Policy Institute: Nicole Piscitani (232), Jennifer Hogue (233), Renee Gibson (230), Richard Lewis (211)

OSBA governance or legislative positions: Richard Lewis (211), Jennifer Hogue (233), Nicole Piscitani (232), Renee Gibson (230)

Policy issues: Kenna Haycox (242), Kyle Lathwell (243)

Running for a board of education: Cheryl W. Ryan (289), Teri Morgan (276), Steve Horton (274),  Richard Lewis (211)

Safety: Van D. Keating (241)

School finance: Richard Lewis (211), Jennifer Hogue (233)

Student achievement: Kim Miller-Smith (275), Richard Lewis (211), Terri Shaw (210), Jeff Chambers (271)

Transportation Services: Pete Japikse (256), Doug Palmer (240)

Workshops: Jeff Chambers (271)