Ohio Board of Distinction Award

The Ohio Board of Distinction Award is designed to honor school boards that have engaged in activities and modeled behaviors that lead to excellence in local school district governance in support of quality education. The qualifications include requirements for each member of the board to participate in training or service as well as a commitment by the full board to engage in activities such as strategic planning and board self-assessment to help guide the direction of the district. 

Collectively, a board of education must earn 600 points in an approximately two-year cycle to earn the Ohio Board of Distinction Award, with each board member contributing a minimum of 100 points. The cycle begins in January following board of education elections as school boards form new leadership teams. The award will be presented at the end of the cycle and districts may only receive the award only once during the period. The current cycle began January 2020 and culminates at the 2021 OSBA Capital Conference.

Points are earned through mandatory and optional activities. Mandatory activities include conducting an annual board self-assessment, creating and maintaining an orientation process for new board members, reviewing and updating the district’s policy manual and attending an OSBA regional event. Optional activities range from implementing a community engagement survey or participating in a customized workshop to attending various OSBA conferences and training.