Protecting students, staff and educational facilities is particularly important. Precautions are necessary to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school settings; however, care also must be taken to avoid stigmatizing students and staff who may have been exposed to the virus. Below is a list of vendors to help you and your district as we navigate these uncertain times.

Environmental Services
Engineered Atmospheric Mitigation LLC -

We build machines that are portable and scalable for disinfection of offices, buildings, classrooms, and service vehicles. We use Benefect DECON-30 100% all natural, safe disinfectant.

Facilities equipment/services
Trisource Environments
A woman owned company that provides facility safety solutions which includes high-volume disinfecting carts, hygiene stations, divider solutions, signage, PPE, facility assessments, and installation.

Health & Safety
PublicSchoolWORKS’ comprehensive training and secure daily health assessment, HealthAssist, are keeping districts safe and prepared during this pandemic.

Janitorial Supplies/Equipment

Provider of student desktop shields, masks, electrostatic sprayers, office sneeze guards. Bulk Sale In Stock ready to ship from Columbus, OH.

Pooling Programs
Your cooperative purchasing program offering competitive bidding process that allows districts to get volume discounts via Web-based shopping.

Promotional copy, phone numbers and website information are provided by the vendors. Appearance in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by OSBA.

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