In partnership with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and the Pearson Foundation, OSBA is proud to provide this page packed with resources to help your school district combat bullying. As part of the “Students on Board” program, the three organizations are encouraging school board members across the country to gauge their school climate and work toward improving it by starting conversations and building relationships with students.

Researchers for NSBA’s Center for Public Education recently found that feeling welcome and connected at school can greatly increase student achievement. They discovered that honest conversations with students could be the fastest way to gain the information needed to build a plan to sustain or improve school climate. NSBA’s Council of Urban Boards of Education conducted school climate surveys and used the data to create guidelines that walk school board members through the process of engaging students. The guidelines include: scheduling meetings with them, key questions to ask during the meetings and what to do after the meetings to let students know what actions were taken based on the information they provided.

The tool kit links below provide reports, articles, videos, OSBA anti-bullying policy guidance and other information aimed at keeping kids safe and free from bullying in school. You’ll find a PowerPoint presentation detailing why school climate is important, and have an opportunity to share your reflections about Students on Board conversations on NSBA's Web site. Board members are also encouraged to extend the conversation with students beyond anti-bullying efforts by asking them to take the Million Voices Survey, which analyzes student perceptions to improve teaching and learning.

OSBA Policy Guidance — *Compliant as of the date posted. Contact your policy provider if you have questions.

Students On Board Brochure