Who is PublicSchoolWORKS?

PublicSchoolWORKS is a turnkey, integrated school safety solution that leverages automation, research, and highly-trained advisors, to help district leaders easily manage all aspects of staff and student safety, regulatory compliance, adherence to board policies, and crisis preparedness.

Unlike programs that address only part of the need, involve multiple providers that are not coordinated with each other, and are difficult to implement, manage and sustain, PublicSchoolWORKS conquers the safety and compliance challenges of today’s schools by utilizing highly-trained advisors, research and development personnel, and proprietary web-based software and content, to deliver a comprehensive suite of school safety and compliance programs.

All programs were developed by people with first-hand school administrative experience, resulting in a solution that ensures consistency from school to school, and requires little involvement from administration to implement and sustain.

By partnering with PublicSchoolWORKS, OBSA members will enjoy the following results:

  • Reduced time and effort spent on safety issues by 50-70%
  • Reduced paperwork and storage
  • Ensured consistency throughout the district and reduced workers’ compensation cost
  • Compliance with regulations and board policies and school culture focused on safety


For further information call 877-779-6757 or visit www.publicschoolworks.com