Master of Transportation Administration

OSBA is pleased to provide members with an opportunity for training in pupil transportation management. Our goal is to support newly appointed as well as veteran administrators. The training program focuses on three core competencies: compliance and safety; operations management; and governance and finance. The entire curriculum is delivered over a three-year period, with a minimum of five classes per school year. You may begin the program in any year.

Cycle schedule: FY 22 school year - Governance;  FY 23 school year - Compliance and Safety; FY 24 school year - Operations Management

Districts may participate in several different ways:

1) register for any of the individual classes offered; or 2) register for the complete curriculum one year at a time.

Please download the following document that offers the full description and details of this program: Master of Transportation Administrator

(All classes are from 10 p.m. - 2 p.m., include lunch, and are scheduled at OSBA's offices at 8050 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43235)

Participation in MTA includes access to online class materials as well as OSBA's advanced pupil transportation library as well as transportation data summaries and cost calculators. 

Download the registration form for 2021-22:  MTA FY22 Registration

Download the class descriptions for 2021-22 here: MTA FY22 Class descriptions

MTA Reference materials

Advanced reference library 

Forms Library

Railroad information: Emergency numbers,  Ohio exempt crossing list

Data and calculators

District transportation task calendar

State budget information

(Materials for FY21 classes are moved to the bottom of this page)

FY 22 school year - Governance

Note:  MTA enrollees  may access Governance course materials here-archive of 2018

MTA 2022 Class Project Framework

MTA 22-1:   Class recording  Make-up questions (outline of Class)

                    T-reports and state funding-class powerpoint-PDF

                    T1 Flowchart

                    T1 Count sheet

                    ODE T1 worksheet

                    T2 Flowchart

                    ODE T2 worksheet

                    T2 Workbook for data collection 

                    Operation cost analysis calculator

                    T1 Instructions updated 9/2021

       New ORC codes for September 30, 2021: 3314.091, 3317.0212, 3317.024 special ed funding

MTA 22-2:   Understanding the budget process- local and state

Class recording   here are the  Make-up questions

Budget worksheet

FY 18 Efficiency 

FY 18 Cost analysis

Links to budget material

Final PowerPoint

Section 3327.01

Section 3327.02

Section 3327.017

SFPS reports 

Transportation Sub Group work


MTA 22-3:   Transportation rules and regulations - the big picture

Class recording  - Questions for make-up credit

ORC impacts from HB 110







3327.021 3301-83

Task calendar

MTA 22-3 project framework


MTA 22-4:   Federal regulations, guidance and agencies

MTA 22-5:   Laws, Rules, Policy - what, how and why

MTA 22-6:   Hot Topics - safety, statistics, trends

OSBA congratulates our  Master of Transportation Administration graduating classes!

Class of '16 members here.

Class of '17 members here.

Class of '18 members here.

Class of '19 members here.