Public Finance Resources Inc.

Public Finance Resources Inc. (PFR) offers district financial forecasting services. PFR’s goal is to complement your district’s financial knowledge with the company’s experience servicing hundreds of local government entities.

With more than 100 years of combined strategic financial experience, PFR consultants will help you in your role as school board member, treasurer, superintendent or administrator. Get information, resources and training that you need to achieve maximum effectiveness in your financial leadership role.

PFR can:

  • analyze internal and external data to identify key financial indicators for your district;
  • develop customized reports to make your financial information understandable and believable;
  • provide effective and efficient financial modeling to identify options and results;
  • build local capacity that is based on understanding, believing and planning.

Services available to school districts:


  • revenue and expenditure modeling and long-range strategic planning
  • levy consulting, analysis and training
  • special projects
  • board meeting presentations
  • communications and public messaging

Forecasting modeling

  • five-year forecasting software and tools
  • cash-flow tracker
  • revenue and expenditure analysis


  • communicating your forecast/financial to your stakeholders
  • custom workshops
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