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The PublicSchoolWORKS Story

PublicSchoolWORKS President and CEO Steve Temming knows first-hand how challenging the successful management of a public school system can be.  

For more than 22 years, Steve served public school districts, including Cincinnati Public Schools, helping ensure a safe and healthy environment for those that matter most – students and staff.  Without the right resources, PublicSchoolWORKS knows it can be overwhelming for school administrators to stay on top of all the information, training, and tasks.  These are all critical in meeting safety, regulatory, and reporting requirements.  

The efficient completion of these safety and compliance tasks matters.  All administrators understand that a district’s costs will increase, more accidents will occur, and students and staff will be less likely to receive the care and attention they need without a comprehensive structure in place” said Steve.  With this in mind, and realizing that schools need a full-service solution, Steve set out on our mission.  PublicSchoolWORKS’ mission is to provide school systems with tailored, district-specific programs to minimize costs, limit liability, and maintain strict compliance with all federal and state regulations to keep your district safe and well.

For this reason, we are single-mindedly focused on anticipating, handling, and simplifying the work necessary for the optimal performance of your district. Our approach is designed to prevent incidents from occurring, prepare you to appropriately respond, and places long-term, sustainable controls in place. As an administrator, you can breathe easier, sleep better, and dedicate precious attention to the nurturing of your students and staff. This increases student achievement which has a continual ripple effect on your communities.

We take ownership and pride in your district’s performance and our team becomes personally invested and builds relationships with each school that we serve.  We remain passionately devoted to our mission of keeping your district safe and well today so that your schools are better prepared and protected for the future.

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