Strike Assistance

While no one is a proponent of school strikes, they are a fact of life for Ohio's public schools. Ohio law specifically allows public school employees to strike, following a proper 10-day notice. However, State Employee Relations Board (SERB) decisions can have an important impact in determining exactly how and when a strike can take place.

Additionally, it is extremely important for a school district to be prepared for a strike, even if actual picketing never takes place. Decisions need to be made as to whether the district is to remain open, how many replacement workers will be needed, what security arrangements will need to be made, how public relations are to be handled and what transportation issues need to be addressed before or during a strike.

As in all other areas of labor relations, OSBA has a long and storied history with school strikes and is always available to assist members in preparing for strikes. Our services include training, consultation, public relations and transportation assistance, or simply providing information and advice. OSBA maintains a strong relationship with Huffmaster Inc., a leader in strike securlty services, in order to get schools the help they need when they need it.

For further information, contact Van D. Keating at (614) 540-4000.