Collective Bargaining Services

For public school districts, collective bargaining is an important and very serious process. The results can have a profound and long-term impact on the administrative and educational structures surrounding a school. Additionally, the way in which bargaining occurs can impact the climate and culture within a school. Therefore, negotiations must be approached with care by all parties.

Ohio’s public schools have a long and sometimes troublesome history with collective bargaining. Nationwide, Ohio is one of only a few states that permit public education employees to engage in strikes, so the stakes are uniquely high here. Interestingly, Ohio also is unique in its progressive approach to collective bargaining. It was one of the first states to engage in alternative bargaining, and through the years, this method has become commonplace among our districts.

The first step in exercising care is in selecting who will represent the district at the bargaining table. That is why OSBA is committed to providing customized services for member districts in the area of labor relations. Ohio's public schools are unique and have needs that a general law firm or consultant may not understand. Our business is school management and the Management Services Division was created exclusively to develop and provide assistance to schools at the lowest possible price with the highest quality.

OSBA's collective bargaining services are tailored to each school district and can range from a simple contract analysis up to drafting contract proposals and serving as the district's spokesperson at the bargaining table. OSBA's negotiators are versed in every type of bargaining model and can help you chose a method that best works for the culture of your district. Unfortunately not every round of bargaining results in a quick or easy settlement, so OSBA also offers impasse consultation and, if needed, strike assistance.

Our services are not limited to labor negotiations. Because of our expertise and experience, we also can serve the district as an important resource in other human resources areas such as benefits, retirement incentives, salary structures, reductions in force, grievances and unfair labor practices.

In addition to our collective bargaining services, OSBA offers a wide variety of training programs on various aspects of negotiations. Our presentations cover bargaining basics, advanced strategies, impasse theory and practice, strike preparation and contract management. We are also trained in team-building techniques and creating labor-management committees.

For further information, contact Van D. Keating at (614) 540-4000.