Vendors offering coronavirus-related products and services

Protecting students, staff and educational facilities is particularly important. Precautions are necessary to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school settings; however, care also must be taken to avoid stigmatizing students and staff who may have been exposed to the virus. Below is a list of vendors to help you and your district as we navigate these uncertain times.

COVID-19 Safety
DisinfectAir LLC -

Our Ozone free Air Disinfecting Units kill 99.9994% of all viruses including Covid & varients continuously using UV-C LEDs. UL approved & Patent Pend.

Disinfecting Services
PURO Lighting -
Offers a full suite of proven and powerful UV light disinfection products that can disinfect both surfaces and the air up to 99.9% pathogen free.

Health & Safety
PublicSchoolWORKS’ comprehensive training and secure daily health assessment, HealthAssist, are keeping districts safe and prepared during this pandemic.

Janitorial Services
Alpha & Omega Building Services -
Premier provider of custodial, disinfection, and facility maintenance for K-12 schools in Ohio since 1986.

Legal assistance
Walter | Haverfield
Providing attentive, cost-effective legal services to public schools of all sizes.

Pooling Programs
Your cooperative purchasing program offering competitive bidding process that allows districts to get volume discounts via Web-based shopping.

Promotional copy, phone numbers and website information are provided by the vendors. Appearance in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by OSBA.

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