The National School Boards Association is a federation of the 49 state school boards associations and the schools boards of the District of Columbia, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. 

NSBA has created National Connection program as a partnership with the Ohio School Boards Association.  The National Connection program includes 7 resources:  Federal Insider, Public Engagement Toolkit, Center for Public Education Briefing Room, School Board Leadership Resource Center, Meet the Experts, American School Boards Journal and Money Saving Resources.  

NSBA benefits

Participation by school districts helps support NSBA’s national advocacy agenda on behalf of local governance and public education.  Now, with the expended services of National Connection, you’ll be able to be part of that support as well as receive important resources.

Generally, NSBA dues are a little more expensive than OSBA dues. 

The fees are:

Less than 250 students                                           $375

251-999 students                                                     $975

1,000-2,499 students                                               $2,675

2,500-7,499 students                                               $4,165

7,500-14,999 students                                             $5,335

15,000 or more students                                          $8,620

Council of Urban Boards of Education                    $12,975

CUBE Small Enrollment                                           $8,250

Service Agencies                                                     $2,700

Member benefits:

The Federal Insider: This information and resource package on federal rules and policy issues, Department of Education regulations and administrative rules, is designed to directly support school boards and district administrators in implementing federal programs.  This will include jargon-fee round-ups of important legislation, as well as Legal Clips, the weekly source for recent developments in school law.

The Public Engagement Toolkit: This ongoing resource includes fact sheets and short articles that help school boards and districts explain national education issues in citizen-friendly language.  Research, models and practical tools for engaging the public are provided to address a number of key issues.

The Center for Public Education Briefing Room: Exclusive videos of CPE researchers sharing highlights of new studies on school improvement will be a primary resource for boards wanting to stay up to date on the latest research.  Using research in decision-making will be easier than ever before with the help of this 24/7 resource.

The School Board Leadership Resource Center: This national compendium of practical examples will showcase school board leadership in action.  Framed around the tenets of the Key Work of School Boards, The resource center will contain examples from districts, videos of board members talking about their work and sharing stories of systemic improvement efforts.  Practical examples of sample vision statements, accountability dashboards, policy efforts and more will make it easy for districts to select tools that work for you.

Meet the Experts: This program will leverage technology to bring the nation’s leading thinkers on cutting-edge ideas and trends to the home, desktop or board room or America’s school boards.  NSBA experts, national authorities and leading policymakers will be readily available as the needs of boards evolve and shift with changing times. 

American School Board Journal: NSBA’s award winning magazine on public education trends and uses, including access to ASBJ’s searchable, online resource center on Key issues.  You will also have access to the Magna Awards best practices database, and periodic special reports on hot issues.  Board members and the superintendent will receive six print issues per year, plus two digital editions on major educational issues, as well as School Board News, NSBA’s e-newsletter.

Money-Saving Resources: Discounts on NSBA events and conferences, books and publications, and the GrantsQuest bi-monthly newsletter offer grant listings, partnership opportunities and grant writing tips.  An e-course on grant writing will also be available at no charge.

Visit to learn more about this program. 

For further information, please contact NSBA National Affiliate program manager, Gene Broderson at (703) 838-6746; or Laurie Hart, NSBA development manager for the Central Region at (847) 831-5380.