NSBA National Connection


The National School Boards Association is a federation of the 49 state school boards associations and the school board of the US Virgin Islands. 

NSBA has created National Connection program as a partnership with the Ohio School Boards Association to include a number of important resources including the American School Board Journal, Federal Insider Podcast, Public Engagement Toolkit, National Connection Daily, Center for Public Education Briefing Room, School Board Leadership Resource Center.

NSBA benefits

Participation by school districts helps support NSBA’s national advocacy agenda on behalf of local governance and public education.  Now, with the expended services of National Connection, you’ll be able to be part of that support as well as receive these important resources.

Generally, NSBA dues are a little more expensive than OSBA dues. Participation fees are as follows: 

 Enrollment Category


Regular Annual Fee


1st Year Savings


You Pay

Less than 250 students







251-999 students







1,000-2,499 students







2,500-7,499 students







7,500-14,999 students







15,000+ students







Service Agencies







Participation benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

American School Board Journal: ASBJ is an award-winning, six-times a year magazine that offers exclusive interviews and peer-tested ideas on public education.

The Federal Insider Podcast: Get your up-to-date, inside-the-beltway education information straight from NSBA’s Chief Legal Officer Francisco M. Negron Jr., and Director of Lobbying and Federal Legislation Deborah Rigsby.

The Public Engagement Toolkit: Access an online resource comprised of factsheets, articles, graphics, and other information to help school boards and districts explain the value of public education and local governance in consistent, constituent friendly language.

The Center for Public Education Briefing Room: Through short video overviews and supplemental resources, the insights uncovered by the Center for Public Education can be used at the board table, by district leadership teams, or with community groups to help improve public schools in your district.

The School Board Leadership Resource Center: Augment your reference tools with a collection of nationally developed summaries that inform and equip school boards with promising practices in school governance and leadership.

Visit www.nsba.org to learn more about this program. 

For further information, please contact National Connection Program Lead, John C. Overington at (703) 838-6799.